yield strain

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A change in the form or shape of a body or material which is subjected to an external force.
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It is worth noting that similar to the sample quenched to room temperature, the samples with the same isothermal crystallization temperature showed identical yield strain regardless of different stretch temperatures.
A key aspect of adequate development length is the ability to develop strains beyond the yield strain in the anchored bar.
Keaveny, "Dependence of yield strain of human trabecular bone on anatomic site," Journal of Biomechanics, vol.
Considering the flexural reinforcements, results were consistent because after recording the yield strain, there was a little increase of the loading up to failure.
In 1999, Deron Walters and his colleagues working in Richard Smalley's lab at Rice University in Houston demonstrated yield strains of up to 6 percent in experiments on small ropes of single-wall CNTs.
The unwrapped reinforced concrete columns clearly showed a trend of increase in lateral yield strain values by a margin of 14.
Moreover, the value of the yield strain, or even the existence of a well-defined yield region, may be strongly influenced by strain rate.
ETPU exceeded the performance expectations regarding its ability to surpass the maximum of 6% yield strain that was predicted from calculations using standard ASTM test data.
1) while the yield strain shows an insignificant change by remaining at 64-67% strain.
This is less than 25% of the yield stress and less than 8% of the yield strain.
This equation can also be used for predicting the parameters axial yield strain, lateral yield strain, ultimate lateral strain, Poisson's ratio, lateral dilation ratio, deflection ductility, energy ductility and energy absorption per unit volume.