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(both: yō`dəl), type of wordless singing, joyous in nature, usually associated with the Swiss. It is, in fact, practiced throughout the Alps and, as an importation, in the mountains of Kentucky. It is characterized by sudden shifts from the natural singing voice to falsettofalsetto
[Ital.,=diminutive of false], high-pitched, unnatural tones above the normal register of the male voice, produced, according to some theories, by the vibration of only the edges of the larynx. Some male altos are tenors skilled in the use of falsetto.
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a type of folk song practiced by the mountain population of the Alps in Austria, Switzerland, and Southern Bavaria, with a vocalization as the refrain. This unique type of refrain is characterized by the frequent and rapid passing from a low chest voice to a falsetto. Split common chords are vocalized at wide intervals. In the low register the singer vocalizes the vowels a and o; in the high register, e and /’.


Tobler, A. Kuhreihen oder Kiihreigen, Jodel und Jodellied in Appenzell. Zurich, 1891.


an effect produced in singing by an abrupt change of register from the chest voice to falsetto, esp in popular folk songs of the Swiss Alps
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Removing a 10ft wooden pipe from the wall, a yodeller asked: "Would anybody like to play on my big flugelhorn?
It shows him at his most relaxed, switching from the spine-tingling melodrama of Bridge Over Troubled Water to a spontaneous rendition of The Happy Yodeller and a bluesy version of Santa Claus is Back in Town, complete with an undeleted expletive.
Hermann Haertel, a professional yodeller who runs a course in Graz, believes that the time is long overdue for a revival.
But he again showed his tough side when he told yodeller Bobby Barfoot that he wanted him to sing from behind a screen because he was so bad.
On the night, they introduced me as the Legendary Bill Gore from Birmingham - a world champion yodeller.
Hairs under his arms, voice breaking like a Tyrolean yodeller and spots exploding all over his forehead, my 15-year-old son has reached a defining moment on the rocky road to manhood.
The comedians T E Dunhill, Nat Jackley and Reg Dixon, all came from Coventry as well as the singer and yodeller Frank Ifield.
But for all her athleticism and adaptability - eastern Queen on Candyland, yodeller on Wind It Up - there's a lack of emotional depth.
The famous Yodeller, who left Coventry for Australia when he was nine, has been placed seventh in the all time Top 10 acts from the Midlands, one spot above The Specials.
Why do I think I stand as much chance of coming out a winner as a Norwegian yodeller with a Croatian backing group singing a Turkish love song?
ALP YOURSELF: Clockwise from top left - soccer star Chapuisat, beer, yodeller, the Swiss franc and Basle
I think it's useful if you're researching something in particular - I'm a big fan of an Australian yodeller called Mary Schneider, who no-one has heard of here.