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1. something resembling a yoke in form or function, such as a frame fitting over a person's shoulders for carrying buckets suspended at either end
2. a part, esp one of relatively thick cross section, that secures two or more components so that they move together
3. a crosshead that transmits the drive of an opposed piston engine from the upper of a pair of linked pistons to the crankshaft through a connecting rod
4. Nautical a crossbar fixed athwartships to the head of a rudderpost in a small boat, to which are attached ropes or cables for steering
5. a Y-shaped cable, rope, or chain, used for holding, towing, etc.
6. (in the ancient world) a symbolic reconstruction of a yoke, consisting of two upright spears with a third lashed across them, under which conquered enemies were compelled to march, esp in Rome
7. Irish any device, unusual object, or gadget
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An arrangement of members used in formwork which encircles beam or column forms to secure them together and prevent movement.
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What does it mean when you dream about a yoke?

A cumbersome wooden collar worn about the neck and closed with a lock and key, in earlier times the yoke was associated with farm animals and with punishment and slavery. The yoke can also have spiritual fulfillment, as when Jesus said, “My yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

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A horizontal member forming the head of a window frame.
(design engineering)
A clamp or similar device to embrace and hold two other parts.
Piece of ferromagnetic material without windings, which permanently connects two or more magnet cores.
A bar of wood used to join the necks of draft animals for working together.
(mechanical engineering)
A slotted crosshead used instead of a connecting rod in some steam engines.
(computer science)
Two or more read/write heads that are physically joined together and move as a unit over a disk, so that it is possible to read from or write to adjacent tracks without moving the head.
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head jamb, yoke

The horizontal member forming the top of a door opening; a doorhead.


yoke, 1
1. A horizontal framework around the form work for a column.
2. The horizontal piece forming the head of a window or door frame.
3. In plumbing, a two-way coupling for pipes, in the shape of the letter Y.
4. A yoke vent.
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yokeclick for a larger image
The control column of a large aircraft, including the control wheel or the ram's horn. Back-and-forth movement of the yoke operates the elevators, whereas sideway movement operates the ailerons.
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With right sides together, align the front and back yoke; stitch the shoulder seams, and then press open the seam allowances.
Poka yoke begins with an awareness/identification process where a team looks at what has gone wrong.
[3] On example Dress A, the yoke is attached to the skirt with a 2 'A inch overlap.
In the middle of the line-up are presenters Mark Nieds, Esq., Shane Finn, and Kena Yoke who will discuss trademark and copyright protection, licensing agreements, international concerns, as well as payroll and sales tax implications.
Hole noted in steel tube on left side of control yoke (p/n 0711850-1) two inches from welded joint to vertical tube.
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The yoke most familiar to us is the traditional neck yoke, used by European and New England teamsters with great success.
The captain considered giving control to the co-pilot, but decided that given the time available and the challenging conditions, his best course of action was to move his right hand from the power levers on to the yoke to regain control.
An air accident report released today revealed that the prosthetic limb was supposed to be clamped to the yoke. Shortly before landing, the pilot had checked the clamp to ensure that his left arm was firmly latched in place.
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When the pair has had enough experience to work nicely together in a yoke, you can hitch them to something to pull.