youth culture

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youth culture

the subcultural features which surround youth as a social category These include:
  1. distinctive fashions and tastes, especially in music and clothes;
  2. social relationships centred on friendship and peer groups, rather than families;
  3. a relative centrality of leisure rather than work;
  4. a challenge to adult values, and individual experimentation with lifestyles;
  5. a degree of classlessness in leisure tastes and behaviour.

Although divisions between adult and youth are evident, youth culture is far from being completely uniform, but is divided by gender and ethnicity, as well as by class and education, and by a myriad competing cultural styles.

The rise of distinctive youth cultures in modern societies is associated with the central role of MASS MEDIA OF COMMUNICATIONS and with increasing affluence. These have created new markets in cultural products aimed primarily at young people. See also ADOLESCENCE, LIFE COURSE, RESISTANCE THROUGH RITUAL, LEISURE, POPULAR CULTURE.

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It may have been about "youth culture," but if there's really a youth culture for it to be about it was probably hip-hop, and definitely not rock.
The key to including more Arab youth culture in brand communication is to look for a commonality within these subcultures that avoids excluding, alienating or dam- aging the brand to wider audiences.
Smashing up bus shelters in local communities hardly fitted in with their theory that youth culture was a shared response to a subordinate class position in British society.
Photos featured in REVEALED: Youth culture, pop culture, subculture - The Photographs of Francesco Mellina 1977-1982
In this provocative new book, Luis Alvarez builds upon this earlier scholarship and dramatically complicates it by shifting the focus from the riots to the soot suiters themselves, and the vibrant youth culture they proudly embraced.
Tylenol also recently awarded health insurance coverage to selected icons of youth culture.
It is recommended reading for anyone with an interest in gangs, youth culture, urban street life, and juvenile delinquency.
Collaboratively compiled and deftly co-edited by Malcom Maclachlan and Caroline Smythe, Binge Drinking & Youth Culture: Alternative Perspectives is a scholarly discussion of binge drinking and its connection to serious social problems such as suicide, especially with regard to the youth culture in Ireland and the UK.
Hip-hop's multicultural history as the dominant urban youth culture since the 1980s--from Caribbean tastemakers and white graffiti pioneers to Latino breakers--was ignored.
This was in the early '60s, when youth culture as we know it achieved critical mass.
The version of black youth culture that most people consume certainly contains a lot that is distasteful.
At Walker Technology College teachers are taking positive steps to combat negative youth culture.

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