youth culture

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youth culture

the subcultural features which surround youth as a social category These include:
  1. distinctive fashions and tastes, especially in music and clothes;
  2. social relationships centred on friendship and peer groups, rather than families;
  3. a relative centrality of leisure rather than work;
  4. a challenge to adult values, and individual experimentation with lifestyles;
  5. a degree of classlessness in leisure tastes and behaviour.

Although divisions between adult and youth are evident, youth culture is far from being completely uniform, but is divided by gender and ethnicity, as well as by class and education, and by a myriad competing cultural styles.

The rise of distinctive youth cultures in modern societies is associated with the central role of MASS MEDIA OF COMMUNICATIONS and with increasing affluence. These have created new markets in cultural products aimed primarily at young people. See also ADOLESCENCE, LIFE COURSE, RESISTANCE THROUGH RITUAL, LEISURE, POPULAR CULTURE.

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Japanese youth culture in the 1960s had two characteristics.
Fowler's chapters concentrate on two key periods in the development of youth culture, the interwar and postwar periods displacing from the center of inquiry "the juvenile delinquent, the Teddy Boy, and the birth of 'the teenager'"(11), (though one of the chapters deals with the subject of juvenile delinquency in Northern Ireland).
They have a strong uniform policy covering piercings and jewellery which stops youngsters bringing the trappings of their youth culture into school.
'As young people are increasingly crowded out by the legions of youthful baby boomers, our research suggests that the idea of a distinctively 'youth culture' may be over.'
The cross-party committee is to refer the matter to the Assembly's culture committee youth culture inquiry.
In three short years, Takahashi and Yatabe have not only turned Womb into the one of the most popular dance clubs in Tokyo, but they have also established a new ground zero for youth culture marketing.
Jackson in their 1992 report for the National Academy of Sciences, has been the profound loss of rigorous inquiry into how schooling can be improved academically for all and how youth culture can become more attuned to the deferred gratification of academic achievement and less oriented to the immediate imperatives of money, clothes, and other amusements.
"Hip-hop culture has gradually enveloped mainstream youth culture not only in the suburbs but also throughout the world."
Complicating the issue of national identity was the rise of a distinct and separate youth culture. Into this heady mix, add a relatively new element--the African photographer.
It is a contemporary take on the cathartic experience of adolescence and provides us with an insight into the youth culture of today."

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