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the rehabilitation and settlement of decaying urban areas by middle- and high-income people. Beginning in the 1970s and 80s, higher-income professionals, drawn by low-cost housing and easier access to downtown business areas, renovated deteriorating buildings in many cities, reversing what had been an outmigration of upper-income families and individuals from many urban areas. This led to the rebirth of some neighborhoods and a rise in property values, but it also caused displacement problems among poorer residents, many of them elderly and unable to afford higher rents and taxes.
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English term for the process by which young professionals (gentry) buy into inner-city areas as part of a neighborhood preservation trend.
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the renovation and upgrading of buildings, either by programmes of planned urban regeneration or as a result of purchasing decisions made by higher-earning, white-collar, professional and managerial individuals intent on modernizing cheap, dilapidated property in previously unfashionable urban areas. Whether gentrification is planned or unplanned, the poorer sections of the community are often displaced or their needs discounted. The process is also sometimes known as urban recycling.
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The upgrading of urban property in a deteriorated area, usually resulting in the dispersal of the current residents and their replacement by a more affluent population.
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But after years of primetime yuppification, which found families pushed out in favor of young, upscale urbanites, they may soon be moving back into the old network neighborhood.
Keegan's cause is not helped by the fact that Fulham's years in the wilderness coincided with the yuppification of the area around the Cottage's desirable riverside frontage, which left the club's support thinly scattered far and wide.
A third is that, despite all the professionalization and yuppification that has taken place in the newspaper business over the past 30 years, the senses of craft, vocation, excitement, privilege, and fraternity that once illuminated our work are growing more and more dim.
Mary took the wheel of the Port o' Leith 11 years ago, when the yuppification of Leith was rampant.