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IBM's family of 64-bit mainframes, introduced in 2000 as the zSeries. IBM mainframes are robust, mission critical computer systems that run under IBM's z/OS or z/VM operating systems, as well as Linux.

The 21st Century Mainframe
In 2000, IBM's z/Architecture was a major upgrade to the previous ESA/390 mainframes, and the "Z" designation was chosen to reflect zero downtime as models include duplicate parts that take over if the first one fails.

The first Z mainframe was the high-end 900 line, followed in 2002 by the zSeries 800, geared to the mid-size customer. Following is a list of "Z" models over the years. The enterprise class designation refers to high-end machines. See z/OS, zEnterprise, z/Architecture, IBM branding and System/390.

Year    MainframeIntro.  Model             Class

  2018    System z14 3907   Enterprise
  2017    System z14 3906   Enterprise

  2016    System z13 2965   Enterprise
  2015    System z13 2964   Enterprise

  2013    zEnterprise BC12  Business
  2012    zEnterprise EC12  Enterprise
  2011    zEnterprise 114   Enterprise
  2010    zEnterprise 196   Enterprise

  2008    System z10 EC     Enterprise
  2008    System z10 BC     Business

  2006    System z9 BC      Business
  2005    System z9 EC      Enterprise

  2004    zSeries 890       Business
  2003    zSeries 990       Enterprise

  2002    zSeries 800       Business
  2000    zSeries 900       Enterprise
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Description of the procurement: the contribution service of ard, zdf and deutschlandradio (hereinafter referred to as "beitragservice") intends to use the currently used two-processor network, consisting of 2 central server systems model z196 and zec12, by purchasing two central server systems from the manufacturer ibm (probably z13s) replace.
1] For zEC12 system with 100 IFLs averaging 60 virtual machines per [2] Combines IBM zEnterprise Linux Server (zBC12 or zEC12).
DB2 11 also offers improved synergy with the latest mainframe hardware, the zEC12.
Legacy architectures displayed greater dynamism in 4Q12 than we have been used to of late, partly due to seasonality factors but also because of mainframe refreshes by IBM, which launched the zEC12 architecture in early 2H12.
The zEC12 is the first IBM mainframe to include internal solid state technology called Flash Express, a new memory technology that can help improve the performance of data intensive applications.
zEC12 is the first general purpose IBMserverto incorporate transactional memory technology, first used to help make the IBM Blue Gene/Q-based "Sequoia" system at Lawrence Livermore National Lab the fastest supercomputer in the world, IBM said.
According to IBM, it has deployed these technologies with its latest generation zEC12 mainframe system being operated on solar power, water cooling and HVDC technologies completely off the electric grid.
The new zEC12 offers industry-leading security and robust support for operational analytics that can help clients efficiently sift through large volumes of raw data and transform it to gain knowledge that can be used for competitive advantage.
The IBM zEC12 enterprise system is the result of an investment by IBM Systems and Technology Group of more than $1 billion in IBM research and development primarily in Poughkeepsie, New York as well as 17 other IBM labs around the world and in collaboration with some of IBM's top clients.