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prickly ash

prickly ash

These are trees in the Rue family, with sharp thorns sticking out of branches and even the trunk. Northern (30ft,10m) and Southern (45ft, 15m) Prickly Ash are examples. Anti-fungal bark is used as a stimulant, to prevent constriction of blood vessels by insulin. Provides magnoflorine for proper blood flow and xanthoxyclin for circulation. Also used for mouth, throat, stomach, pancreas, digestive system, kidneys, gas, cramping, bloating, pain. Berries used as mouthwash for toothache or powdered as toothpaste. Historically used for dysentery, colic, eruptive diseases, and as a nervous system stimulant for paralysis etc. Berries have stronger effect, but bark is more bitter, which is better for digestion, bile, stomach, liver and gallbladder. Constituents and compounds are strong, so take it easy.
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Zanthoxylum capense, of the Rutaceae family, has long been used as a traditional medicine in Africa to treat a variety of conditions including colds, flu and tuberculosis.
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This included afforestation of upper areas with pine Pinus armandii (24,150 seedlings), prickly ash Zanthoxylum bungeanum (4,076 seedlings) and sweet chestnut Castanea mollissima (11,037 seedlings) trees, which were transplanted into forest gaps in August 2000.
5) The Alabama Indians used the bark of Zanthoxylum americanum, (toothache tree/prickly ash) as packing in cavities and around teeth for toothaches.
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Sichuan (Szechwan) Pepper corns are a distinct Oriental spice from the seed pods of the Prickly Ash tree, Zanthoxylum piperatum.