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sax, slate ax

A slate cutter’s hammer; has a point at the back of the head for making nail holes in the slate.
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Producers fell just short of recreating the entire festival, and don't think that doesn't drive Zax crazy.
Whilst studying Hair & Beauty at Coleg Menai, Sophie secured a place on an Apprenticeship with Gaynor Owen of Zax Hair & Beauty.
"Zax is a 15-year old brand and offers a wide range of high quality women and men collection ranging from suits to accessories.
We do not believe that this affects the results because average working hours tend to be similar for men (42.3 per week) and for women (41.6 per week) (Li and Zax 2000).
The issues related to urban housing such as the lack of land is faced by almost every developing nation (Juskevicius, 2003) including China (Lee, 1988; Zax, 1997).
Sameroff A, Seifer R, Barocas B, Zax M, Greenspan S (1987).
The brewery was one of the plaintiffs in the suit against the TABC, along with beer distributor Authentic Beverages and Zax, an Austin restaurant and bar.
9: From left, Angelica Ladd of Child and Family Services, Jennifer Edgecomb and Nichole Davis of Hoyle, Tanner & Associates Inc., Ruth Zax of CFS, and Jennifer Pelletier and Alison Lewis of Hoyle Tanner are pictured with the toys that Hoyle Tanner donated this summer to Child and Family Services' Camp Spaulding, which provides summer camp experiences for children in low- and moderate-income families in the state.
For example, it has been found that teenagers with less nurturant mothers as well as those from less advantageous socioeconomic backgrounds show a greater emphasis on extrinsic goals such as financial success (Kasser, Ryan, Zax, & Sameroff, 1995), rendering support for well being as a cause of life goal preferences.
Others, including Zax separately adds spatial and cultural dimensions.
Early studies of direct democracy at the state level concluded that it either had little effect on spending (for example, Farnham 1990) or that it boosted spending (Zax 1989).
And I also want to pay tribute to Stanley Zax, who also helped put this dinner together and for the generosity of the other donors as well.