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(inorganic chemistry)
A reaction product of zinc with an alkali metal or with ammonia; for example, sodium zincate, Na2ZnO2.
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any one of various complexes containing the anions [Zn(OH)4]2– or ZnO22, for example, Na2[Zn(OH)4] and BaZnO2. Alkali-metal zincates are produced by dissolving zinc, zinc oxide, or zinc hydroxide in alkaline solutions or melts; they are soluble in water and crystallize from solution. Zincates of other metals are obtained by melting ZnO with the corresponding oxides; they are practically insoluble in water.


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Calcium zincate powders were synthesized by a "Hydro-Micromechanical Synthesis" (HMMS), implemented at EASYL Company (France).
The formation of calcium zincate powder by the HMMS method can be described by the following reaction (1):
This process enables producing high-quality calcium zincate at low cost and industrial scale.
Inspired from the synthesis protocol of Li and Zhou [15], calcium zincate powders were also synthesized by the so-called "Hydrochemical Synthesis" method in alkaline solution.
The last calcium zincate powders were synthesized by a "Hydrothermal Synthesis" method inspired by the literature [12].
As for the HCS method, calcium zincate crystals were retrieved by simple decantation and dried.
In this study, two grades of calcium zincate, prepared by HMMS synthesis methods, have been compared with two other grades inspired from the literature aiming to determine if calcium zincate owns multiple crystal structure and if it depends on the synthesis protocol.
For the Submicronic HMMS calcium zincate sample, the crystal structure has been refined by Rietveld method using powder X-ray diffraction data [21, 22].
The details of pure ZnO film deposition from ammonium zincate bath have been reported earlier [16-18].
Undoped and Al-doped ZnO thin film could be successfully synthesized from ammonium zincate complex for the first time by SILAR technique.
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In alkaline, ammoniacal solutions, chemical equilibria between zincate, Zn(OH)[.sub.4.sup.2-], and the zinc tetraamine cation, Zn(N[H.sub.3])[.sub.4.sup.2+], is possible (21):