zingiber officinale

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Works faster at preventing motion sickness or nausea than dramamine. Flower petals and tender young shoots may be eaten raw or cooked. Both fresh and dried ginger root have therapeutic properties for promoting the secretion of digestive juices, hypertension, headaches, morning sickness, colic, relieving and expelling gas, heartburn, digestive and intestinal cramps, dyspepsia and even chemotherapyinduced nausea. Ginger is the world's greatest herbal inhibitor of 5-LO enzymes, a chemical cousin of COX-2, the food source for prostate cancer cells. Without this food source, prostate cancer cells die within hours. Excellent for nausea, motion sickness (good for keeping food moving in a downward direction) arrests vomiting, alleviates pain, stops inflammation, eliminates swelling, induces sweat and inhibits pathogenic bacteria. It controls the quantity of free radicals in the body, thus limiting damage and aging.
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