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zip file

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ZIP file

(1) A file stored on a Zip cartridge (see Zip disk).

(2) A file that contains one or more files that have been compressed into the ZIP format. Also called a "ZIP archive," "zipped file" or "zipped archive," the ZIP algorithm is the most popular compression method in use.

Not Just the .ZIP Extension
ZIP files use a .zip extension, but other file extensions are also used. For example, .gz files are actually zipped files and can be "unzipped" by any UnZip utility program, although the extension may have to be renamed to .zip first. In the Java world, a JAR application is a ZIP file with a .jar extension. Office Open XML, the default format in Microsoft Office, starting with Office 2007, is a ZIP file. For example, the default Word document extension is .docx, starting with Word 2007.

Zipping a collection of files saves space due to compression, but most importantly, as a single file, it is considerably easier to transport from one machine to another. See data compression.

In the 1980s, Phil Katz developed algorithms for compressing files into smaller amounts of space, and his programs became PKZIP and PKUNZIP from PKWARE, Inc. The format became so popular that other companies such as Nico Mac and Netzip developed Zip and UnZip utilities, and the Zip/UnZip algorithms have been placed in the public domain. See PK software and WinZip.
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This allows users to create self-extracting Zip files that are smaller and offers the ability to distribute encrypted information.
WhaleMail ( does not require you to ZIP files if sending more than one.
Or you can use a free standalone ZIP program such as ZipCentral (, which lets you create self-extracting ZIP files, avoiding the need for your recipient to have a ZIP tool.
It appears to be a regular mass-mailer, which requires the recipient to open a Zip file and run an executable to become infected.
Included in the package are 130 episodes of "Tech Live," 26 episodes of "Zip File" and the hourlong documentary "Music Wars," about the peerto-peer file-sharing debate.
To create a Zip file, you need a program called WinZip from Easy to use with excellent help files.
They can be viewed as text files and downloaded quickly as a zip file. The site only comprises works that are old enough to be free of copyright but there are some classics here such as Treasure Island and Oliver Twist.
Another useful feature is the software's ability tO create self-extracting ZIP files. A self-extracting ZIP file can be opened by anyone--whether they have a ZIP utility or not--just by double clicking on it.
"It's free-ware and is in the form of a self-extracting zip file and automatically installs on your system."
which would make a single ZIP file named CHEMPUTE.ZIP on a floppy in A: drive containing all the files on the subdirectory D:\CHEMPUTE.
Lastly, after allowing users to send PDFs, DOCs, Sheets and Slide, WhatsApp will soon have a zip file sharing feature.