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zither (zĭthˈər), stringed musical instrument, derived from the psaltery and the dulcimer. It has a flat sound box over which are stretched from 30 to 45 strings; these are plucked with the fingers and a plectrum. In the 18th cent. one or both sides began to be curved to produce greater sonority. The term zither is also used generically for various instruments, including the dulcimer, the psaltery, and several Asian instruments. The dulcimer in use in the Kentucky mountains is, in fact, a zither.
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a stringed instrument played by plucking. The zither has an irregularly shaped flat wooden body. Two sides of the soundboard, one long and one short, form a right angle; opposite them lie a convex and a concave side. Along the long straight side is a fretted fingerboard over which are stretched four or five metal strings that are plucked with a plectrum worn on the thumb of the right hand. Beyond the fingerboard are 25 to 40 gut strings, which are played with the remaining fingers of the right hand. The zither was known in several ancient countries and had a different number of strings. The zither has been known in Western Europe since the late 18th century and was especially popular in 19th-century Germany and Austria. The instrument appeared in Russia in the second half of the 19th century.


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a plucked musical instrument consisting of numerous strings stretched over a resonating box, a few of which may be stopped on a fretted fingerboard
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Then she fell in love with cheolhyeongeum, a hybrid between gayageum (12-string zither) and Hawaiian guitar (lap steel guitar) invented in the 1940s, but much forgotten.
Published in a single volume, the two-piece Zither & Autobiography opens with an epigraph from Paul de Man's The rhetoric of Romanticism.
The Zitherist added that she also got the excellence award for playing two music pieces she composed herself named "Homeland Tale" and "Farabi Spirit" and representing Zither which the ancient musician Abu Nasser al-Farabi, originally from Kazakhstan, developed and visited Arab countries and resided in Damascus until he died.
The action features a number of beatings, hangings, humiliations, and a fair amount of zither music in this handsome, intelligent film.
The all-female outfit have already showcased their talents playing a complex string instrument known as the guzheng, or Chinese zither, at a special performance in one of the eisteddfod's satellite venues and last night's concert, Heart of Llangollen.
Spiritual Haven is a soothing, instrumental music CD blending traditional Western acoustic instruments (piano, oboe, bassoon, guitar, viola, cello, and French horn) with ancient instruments from cultures around the world, such as the duduk (a double-reed woodwind flute from Armenia), guzheng (a Chinese plucked zither), koto (a Japanese zither with movable bridges), ethnic frame drums (used by native tribes of the Americas) and much more.
The 5 members consisted of leading singer and four instrumentalists who play the Oud (Lute) , Recorder, Zither and the Tabla (Drumhead).
To probe Yingying's true feelings, Zhang, on the advice of her maid Hongniang, expresses his love by serenading her on a zither (guqin).
This multi-talented artist accompanies herself on instruments ranging from guitar to piano, harmonium, zither, percussion, and toy accordion.
Except for frequently-occurring editions for one or more voices and piano, it is worth mentioning that for both of these operas there are arrangements for zither or zither and guitar from ca.
Like one of her predecessors in Estonian verse, Anna Haava (1864-1957), the author recalls a female zither player, playing softly--not to vex the loved one but with a resonance of spiritual power.
To the accompaniment of the Chinese zither music, Chinese delicacies will be served from live cooking stations, while children's Chinese craft activities will entertain the youngest guests," a hotel spokesperson told Hotelier Middle East.