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the standard monetary unit of Poland, divided into 100 groszy



the monetary unit of Poland, equal to 100 groszy. The gold content of the złoty, established in 1950, is 0.222168 g of pure gold. According to the rate of exchange of the Gosbank (State Bank) of the USSR, on Jan. 1, 1972, 100 ziotys equaled 22 rubles 50 kopeks.

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For lot 11 order - 4 800 PLN (four thousand eight hundred zloty 00/100)
00 say four thousand two hundred ninety six zlotys for a partial offer No.
Package 3 - 2 563,00 PLN (in words two thousand five hundred sixty-three zloty 00/100)
Part 9 - in the amount of PLN 190 (one hundred and ninety zloty and 00/100 PLN)
2 PLN 139 (one hundred and thirty nine zloty zero grosz)
say fourteen thousand four hundred seventy zlotys, 00/100).
For lot 2 - 2 382 PLN (say two thousand three hundred eighty-two zloty zero grosz)
Instead, a number of problems haunted the 787, with LOT - one of the 13 airlines that fly the jets - estimating its own costs of problems at PLN100 million zlotys (USD$33 million) over 2012 and 2013.
Polish government tells LOT Airlines to fire its chief executive Poland called on flag carrier LOT to fire its chief executive after the airline turned to the government for at least 400 million zlotys (USD$127 million) in state aid to avoid bankruptcy.