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the standard monetary unit of Poland, divided into 100 groszy



the monetary unit of Poland, equal to 100 groszy. The gold content of the złoty, established in 1950, is 0.222168 g of pure gold. According to the rate of exchange of the Gosbank (State Bank) of the USSR, on Jan. 1, 1972, 100 ziotys equaled 22 rubles 50 kopeks.

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Following the Note issue discussed above, the total par value of notes issued under the Programme and outstanding as at May 22nd 2013 is PLN 828,300,000.00 (eight hundred twenty eight million three hundred thousand zloty).
c) For the part of the 3 - 2 300 PLN (two thousand three hundred zlotys 0/100)
Part 6 - 2 400 PLN (two thousand four hundred zlotys)
The effort will cost 50 million zlotys, of which almost 30 million will be for marketing and promotion.
Polish oil group PKN Orlen said on May 8 its consolidated net profit (calculated using International Accounting Standards) fell to 902 million Zlotys (USD228.2 million) last year, down 4.4% on the 1999 figure.
The Handlowy Bank held assets of 20.9 billion Zlotys (Euro 5.36 billion) over the first half of 2000 and had funds totaling 3.17 billion Zlotys (Euro 810 million).
Deposits and guarantees required: contractors joining this tender are obliged to submit a bid bond in the amount of zad 1 - 17 000.00 pln (in words seventeen thousand zlotys), zad 2 - pln 14,000.00 (in words fourteen thousand zlotys), zad 3 - 8 000.00 pln (in words eight thousand zlotys), task 4 - 22 000.00 pln (in words twenty two thousand zlotys), zade 5 - 43 000.00 pln (in words forty three thousand zlotys), task 6 - pln 2,500.00 (in words two thousand five hundred zlotys), zad 7 - pln 6,500.00 (in words six thousand five hundred zlotys), task 8 - 14,000.00 pln (in words fourteen thousand zlotys), 9 - 14,000.00 pln (in words fourteen thousand zlotys).
Softbank, the leading supplier of computer programmes to Poland's banks, has announced the sale of 9.99% of shares for 128 million Zlotys (Euro 32 million) to Poland's leading software group Prokom Software.
PLN 3,816.00 (say: three thousand eight hundred and sixteen zlotys 00/100) - for all packages in total, ie in detail
Generale is paying around 40 Zlotys per share to the Polish-American Enterprise Fund (PAEF) and the Enterprise Credit Corporation (ECC) for their holdings in PPA.