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(invertebrate zoology)
An early larval stage of decapod crustaceans distinguished by a relatively large cephalothorax, conspicuous eyes, and large, fringed antennae.



a pelagic larva, one of the developmental stages of decapods. The body consists of a cephalothorax and a segmented abdomen. Only the front thoracic appendages (maxillipeds) and only the hind abdominal appendages (uropods; absent in crab zoea) are developed; the rest are in the embryonic state. The eyes are sessile. The zoea swims with the aid of its maxillipeds. The unique crab zoea have an almost spherical cephalothorax (with long fore, dorsal, and two lateral spines) and narrow abdomen.

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This pattern is common in euhaline estuarine systems where the development of these species occurs, since the zoea I that remains in the estuary is associated with tidal flooding (Freire, 1998).
En estudios realizados por Dittel y Epifanio (1990) se obtuvieron resultados similares donde la mayoria de los individuos recolectados fueron zoeas I.
Therefore if females that had released zoea larvae during any night were placed in different containers, we could expect that many of them would start egg-laying again a few days later.
neritico- 1530 oceanico Harpacticoida neritico 17352 Copepoditos 16179 Restos de copepodos 12150 Euphausiacea neritico- 439 oceanico Otros grupos Mysidacea neritico- 3 oceanico Amphipoda neritico- 1 oceanico Bivalvia neritico 222 Gastropoda neritico- 108 oceanico Ostracoda neritico- 10 oceanico Zoea neritico- 50 oceanico Megalopa neritico 728 Huevos de anchoveta neritico- 520 oceanico Huevos de Engraulidae 50 Huevos de pez n/i 114 Huevos de crustaceos 1 Larvas de cirripedos neritico 3300 Larvas de equinodermos neritico 219 Larvas de pez n/i 69 Chaetognata 14 Decapoda reptantia n/i 40 Restos de Myctophidae 140 Restos organicos n/i 110117 Polychaeta neritico 2241 Carbono Presas ([micron]g/ind) DIATOMEAS Actinoptychus undulatus 0.
La dieta respecto a la madurez tuvo un comportamiento similar a lo observado con la talla, pero se puede apreciar que en los estadios del 1 al 3, la proporcion de zoeas (%W= 18.
The 30-kDa band was the stronger of the two bands at 10 and 6 days before hatching; but its intensity declined and became very faint in embryos 4 h before hatching; and it disappeared completely in post-hatched zoeas.
Se examinaron 30 zoeas, las que fueron fotografiadas y dibujadas, mediante el uso de microscopios estereoscopico y optico.
uncinata, fueron agrupadas en zoeas con y sin uropodos, y megalopas; mientras que las de Sergestes arcticus, por estado de desarrollo (elaphocaris, acanthosoma, mastigophus y juveniles).
When development is completed, the egg capsule breaks, and the zoeas hatch and are released into the water by a special fanning movement of the female's abdomen (larval release is described in Saigusa, 1982).
Las zoeas de anomuros, principalmente representadas por Emerita analoga, predominaron en superficies rugosas, con diferencias significativas el 9 de nov (Tabla 1).